Some Kind Things Others Have To Say

I had the joy of working with Justin Heap for about 6 months as he shaped the branding and online engagement for a national event I was leading. He showed an uncommon kind of insight, listening carefully to what I hoped to communicate to the audience and shaping something even better than I could have imagined to evoke the tone of the event. He has both the emotional/artistic instinct that allows him to comprehend the subtleties of color, shape, language and the technical/organizational skill to execute in a timely and professional manner. –Mandy S. (2019)

I have used several artists for my publishing company, and Justin Heap is by far the best I have ever hired. I’m convinced that he can do anything. If there was a superhero power for art, Justin certainly has it. He has designed book covers and promotional artwork for four of my books, and they are all incredible. Like the clever lyrics of One Republic’s song—stop and stare—yeah, that’s what Justin’s artwork makes people do. They will stop and stare. It’s that good.” ~ Catie C. (2019)

Justin has been an invaluable asset to our team! He is a consummate team player, excels in each of the fields he specializes in, and improves the thinking and execution of every facet of our organizational life that he intersects with. Justin brings that “extra something” that every person in a hiring position is always looking for. –J. R. (2019)

Justin is terrific when juggling rapidly changing priorities. He is known for taking risks that are grounded in practical realities and tempering a trial-and-error approach by strategizing options. –Monica G. (2019)

Justin is one of the most creative people I know and one of the most critical thinkers I know. Whether it is visual arts, graphic design, teaching/speaking, leading a meeting, video production, or hosting an event, Justin brings incredible depth and passion to everything he does. It is amazing to me that so much giftedness exists in one person. –John P. (2019)

Justin has a brilliant creative mind that will stretch your thinking and marketing beyond what you dreamed possible. His servant style leadership partners with you propelling you forward. –Cindy K. (2019)

Justin is a high caliber creative with a wide skill set that includes graphic design, photography, video, website development, writing copy, and more. He is also an excellent team player who works hard to see the whole team shine. I highly recommend Justin! –Dan M. (2019)

I worked with Justin at a local church of ~750 where he was the Communications Director. Justin was the most innovative and forward thinking person on staff. He was always thinking creatively about how to move our vision forward. He was incredibly good at crafting and articulating vision and he shared that with the world through excellent design and carefully crafted communications pieces. Most of all, he was a joy to work with both personally and professionally. –Paul V. (2019)

Justin is creative, thoughtful and easy to work with. He is a fun teammate, finishes what he starts and brings a level of excellence to all of his work. I am proud to recommend him to you. –Toran S. (2019)