Justin P. Heap

Spiritual. By design.

I've been fortunate enough in life to discover that I am an entrepreneurial and creative soul. A multi-disciplinary coach specializing in ideation. This includes teaching, photography, branding, writing, design, film, marketing, church leadership, and art. 

My work has been published with Missio Alliance, sundaymag.tv, Church Stage Design Ideas, Fatherly, and Relevant Magazine. Additionally, I have taught, spoken, and performed (Spoken Word / Slam Poetry) at local churches, conferences, camps, and retreats with more than 500 engagements. 

Freelance Consultation and Work has been a part of my career since 1999 when, as an Associate Photographer with a hometown Portrait Studio, I received my first project and check for solo work --training a team in Photoshop (version 5.0, haha!).

Fast forward through just a portion of my resume and you'll find an incredibly diverse representation as a Youth Pastor, Teaching Pastor, Lead Designer, Art Director, Weekend Experience Director, Communications & Media Director, Hardwood Flooring Specialist, and more.

I only wish someone would have told me earlier this was normal for a Kolbe "Entrepreneur" 6-3-8-3

In 2013, I helped launch and lead a conference for local area churches called The Worship Collective; we just celebrated our fourth conference in October 2018 helping others connect Spirituality, Technology, and Creativity.

Most recently, I have enjoyed coaching local churches, startups, and fellow entrepreneurs through ideation, branding, leadership dynamics, and communication strategy. 

My name is Justin Heap and I am available for coffee or beer or videochat to hear more of what you're passionate about.