Justin P. Heap

Spiritual. By design.

I help businesses and nonprofits connect all the branding dots. Your good ideas get better with creative ideation, custom illustrations, photography and design.

I'm available for new projects and startup collaboration. Let's talk.

I am an Artist & Designer who absolutely loves conversations and creative expression. More than 18 years of experience in the world of photography and design โ€“while successfully transitioning across a few different arenas including Graphic/Visual Design, Illustration, Web Design, Writing, Social Media Management, Branding & Logo Development, Video Production & Direction, Leadership Development, Small Business & Church Consultation, Public Speaking and Live Event Production.

  • Kolbe 6-3-8-3 (Quick-Start, Fact-Finder)

  • Enneagram Certified

  • dISc Profile (High Influencer)

  • Administered the MBTI for 2 years

Through creative direction, hands-on design, education, and consultation, I have helped guide and inspire dozens of teams across multiple industries toward progressive graphic design principles, clearer communication, finding their unique voice, and catalyzing a new movement within their culture based on tailored assessments.