Teaching, for me, is where it all comes together: ideation, creativity, and storytelling moving toward a single catalytic moment. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and would love to speak at your local church, conference, retreat, or event. My first paid public speaking opportunity came in 2001 to an incredible Young Adult community in Grand Rapids, Mi –and the journey has since included more than 500 professional engagements.

I am comfortable in either Keynote, Session, or Breakout situations and often speak into:

Identity, Fatherhood, Forgiveness, Ephesians, Creativity, Ideation, Community, Jesus' Kingship, Revelation, Fruit Of The Spirit, Grace, and God's Love. 

Feel free to listen or watch a few different Talks below. 

Justin P. Heap speaks to the The Local Church, Grand Rapids, Mi 2017

Listen as Justin Heap teaches within Micah 5 on what was the fourth Sunday in Advent –Christmas Eve, 2017.

Justin P. Heap, 2017

"The Tiki Torch Story" at 2:00 - 5:00 is quite fun. April 2016

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"Surrender is the gateway to fruition." Justin P. Heap, 2015